The Price of Delay: Impacted third molars.

” I really don’t want this tooth remove this tooth Doc. It has no problem! The one in front of it has the problem, so remove that one!” He had a vexed expression.

” Let’s look at your X Rays again. ” I said. “Your problem began with a third molar that we sometimes call “wisdom tooth ” that did not have enough room to grow in. It has grown tilted towards your second molar we call this impaction. It has caused decay in that second tooth because of food sticking between them ; and you have been unable to clean that contact properly.

What that means is if we remove your second molar the impacted tooth will remain lying on its side.

It will drift forwards to some extent but you won’t be able to use it to eat. And you will still have a gap between the first molar and third molar it won’t close fully.”

He sighed. ” Look Doc you don’t make sense. The one tooth with a cavity is the second one. You say Filling it won’t help long term because of the third molar but the third molar has no cavity!!”

We continued this animated discussion for a while, as I showed him an animation video of the causes of third molar impaction.

Dr. Jane Oloo

Senior Partner at Gentle Dental Care
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Dr. Jane Oloo